Sunbelt Merchant Group values it’s suppliers as much as we value our members. We understand that the best partnerships come from a hand-in-hand practice. We provide the members with the upmost knowledge and value behind the popular products we sell on behalf of the supplier. We take the time to harness a mutual benefit relationship with our suppliers which in thus brings value to our members.

We take pride in the partnerships we create and work with the suppliers to make sure that they are achieving results they need for a successful promotion. Moreover, our ideology of transparency with our members also extends to our supplier partners. We take pride in honoring commitments to our members as well as our suppliers.

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Our vision is to deliver a mutual beneficial platform for members and vendor partners to enhance consumer experience while increasing the bottom line. We will accomplish this through continued platform innovation and high revenue promotions supported by indoor and outdoor marketing elements designed to increase store traffic. This is a proven model that provided quantifiable results for each entity anchored by our foundational principles of honor and integrity.


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