Sunbelt Merchant Group goes above and beyond to make sure that our members receive the value they deserve. We work day & night to make sure that members receive the upmost service while maintaining strong relations and wiring with suppliers.

Sunbelt Merchant Group truly is a one of a kind trade association for convenience stores throughout Texas and beyond. Our transparent ideology separates us from all the rest.

Some of our benefits as follows:

✔ An assigned Zone Manager to focus on each member.

✔ Enhanced quarterly rebates tied to supplier’s performance.

✔ Negotiate special pricing with multiple national vendors.

✔ Create strong marketing promotions to increase foot traffic.

✔ Deliver ROI on suppliers’ products.

✔ No out of pocket costs to become a member.


The Sunbelt program engages with supplier and member to offer an amazing marketing platform designed to increase foot traffic through advertised consumer value. Every location has its own design and features; however, Sunbelt Zone Managers work with members and managers alike to create a captivating campaign that will benefit each location.

Our value extends well beyond reduced case cost; we also provide the banners, posters, pump-toppers and other in-store material to gain additional exposure. We are proud to offer these high-quality elements to our members at no charge.

Marketing Platform


All-weather spanner made with the
highest quality material.

(example only)

Pump Topper

Advertising support to increase sales of promoted
items at the pump. Encourages customers to come
into the store rather than pay at pump & go.
(example only)


High quality, durable posters to advertise promotions. Place on windows for maximum exposure. Includes two-sided tape for easy hanging. (example only)

We just don’t stop there either, Sunbelt Merchant Group partners with suppliers to offer customer-focused marketing tactics to create additional publicity for member stores.

Grand Opening Support

In-Store Promotions

Current Promotions

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Cold Vault Clings

Sticks effortlessly on to your cooler doors. Attract customers to special promotions from our valued partners. (example only)